Welcome to the world of Patt'touch!

From family know-how transmitted from generation to generation in the design and manufacture of baby shoes , Patt'touch cultivates the requirement for beauty, passion for quality, attention to detail and finishes.

Each model is designed and manufactured in the workshop family from the South-West of France in the noblest material: leather. Particular attention is paid to every detail of the manufacturing process to offer products of excellence.

Patt'touch baby slippers are distinguished by their precise shapes and their extreme flexibility thanks to the successful marriage of a unique and traditional know-how emblematic of Patt'touch, the sewn-back , and the selection of leather renowned for their finesse and irreproachable quality. Patt'touch thus offers baby unparalleled freedom of movement and comfort, essential for learning to walk.

Unique in its style, Patt'touch twists iconic shapes, emblematic of French elegance, such as the Richelieu or the Derby to adapt them to the feet of toddlers!

Personalize your slipper with the baby's name, a unique and unforgettable birth gift!

Discover the Universe Patt'touch !